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Privacy Information

For Companies Using Personal Information

The Devine Alternative Pty Ltd acts as a List Broker / List Manager on behalf of Database List Owners.  As such, The Devine Alternative Pty Ltd does not own any data.

The Devine Alternative list owners have given The Devine Alternative a written undertaking that their list/s conform to all requirements under the Privacy Amendment Act 2000 (Private Sector) in relation to compiling, using and managing personal information. This includes the amendments to the Australian Privacy Principals (APP) which came into effect on 12th March 2014.

Consumers on the list/s we supply have been provided with the opportunity to “opt-out” from receiving third party offers and therefore would reasonably assume their personal information could be used for Direct Marketing purposes. The consumers can also freely access the individual list owner / company’s Privacy Statements and opt out at any given time. 

The Devine Alternative Pty Ltd does pass personal information between organisations as part of the list rental process. In doing so, The Devine Alternative Pty Ltd utilises encryption tools, secure FTP Servers and Data Transfer Portals. The personal information being transferred is as secure as today’s technology allows.   

The Devine Alternative Pty Ltd conducts business with only reputable companies that act according to the APP. If we have any doubts, we will not provide data from these organisations.

If you have any questions or require additional information please forward your requests to:



For Individuals Wanting to Opt Out

The Devine Alternative understands and respects your right to privacy.

If you have received a mailing from a Company and wish to be removed from the source mailing list please write to us at with the below information and we will have you removed.   


To maximize our chance of deleting you from the mailing list we require the exact details as it appears on the envelope (rightly or wrongly) as this is what is held on file. Please include all the following important information: -

Date received: - 
Company which the mailing was received from: -
Any reference code / number that appears above or below the name and address information: -
Title: -
First Name or Initial/s: -
Address: -
Suburb: -
State: -
Postcode: -

The Devine Alternative is also a long standing corporate member of ADMA and adhere to their Code of Practice. More details can be viewed at

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