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Database Management

If you have a consumer database, let us help you earn additional income through list rental. We would love to hear from you as we have clients ready to rent your data!

Our unique and exclusive List Rental Program provides our list owners with an additional income source over and above their core business. Quite simply - we will pay you for utilising your data.  

Fully managed by our professional team we have generated significant income for our list owners, many having received in excess of $500,000 per annum. As there is no cash outlay required by you the list owner - this significant income is straight to your bottom-line. 

The Devine Alternative specialise in database management and list rental, with full in-house capabilities thereby not interrupting you or your staff - we do it all. As such many of our list owners we work with continue with us year after year, after year. Why wouldn’t they, all they have to do is approve the mailer, the offer and receive regular payments from us, it’s that simple!

The Devine Alternative understands consumers' privacy rights and the security of personal information. Accordingly we adhere to the National Privacy Legislation and follow these guidelines - Australian Privacy Principals (APP). 

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 Data partners we work with include:-