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 Database Maintenance & Cleansing

The Devine Alternative has invested significantly in both proprietary and licensed software to provide a complete data cleansing solution. This on-going investment means we can provide tailor made solutions to greatly improve your data quality.

Data Cleansing will assist your business with: -

  • Reducing dead mail costs
  • Eliminate duplicate records
  • Brand protection

With our cleansing systems we can identify, repair and even enhance your database. Services include: -  

  • Append Barcode Numbers
  • De-duplication (Household or Individual level)
  • Gender allocation
  • Standardise format
  • Field Casing (UPPER, lower or Best) 
  • Salutation (“Mr”, “Ms” and/or “Dear…….” defaults)
  • Merge and/or separate fields
  • ADMA Do Not Mail suppression
  • Do Not Call Register wash
  • Profiling
  • Enhancements appended (age bands, household income, disposable income levels etc.)
  • Change of address service

Let us analyse your data and provide you with a free comprehensive Data Cleansing Report.

The Devine Alternative is Australia’s only list broker to be recognised by DataTools as having a Datatools Software Expert on staff and has gained a "DataTools Xpert" certification in 2013 being the first of many to follow: -