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Marketing Lists

Direct Responsive Consumers is our specialty. Accompanied by Lifestyle/Survey lists, Magazine Subscriber lists, Online Buyers and a niche selection of business data we can provide the right prospects and the best solutions for your DM campaign.

Database Cleansing

Data cleansing is vital for any campaign and is often overlooked. Duplicate contacts, invalid records and poorly addressed records will damage your brand and cost your business greatly. Let us analyse your file and provide you with a comprehensive Data Cleansing Report - Free of Charge!

Database Management

Our Exclusive Database Management program allows you to earn significant income through list rental with very little or no effort required by you. Let us show you how we can turn your customer database into an additional significant income source.


The Devine Alternative Pty Ltd  - Australian & New Zealand Consumer Mailing List specialists.

By specialising in the consumer mailing list we don't spread our resources thin & we know what work's and what doesn't! 

We have access to over 4 million consumers who are proven Direct Responsive purchasers. Being Direct Responsive, these prospects will be more receptive to your offer, more likely to read your offer, more likely to accept your offer and therefore give you a better ROI. 

With Postal, EDM, Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Package Insert channels available - we are able to provide the right solution, the best, and freshest consumer prospects available.

We are innovative, dedicated and service-oriented to our growing list of highly satisfied clients - give us a call, we won't disappoint!